25 May

No-Deposit Finance Deals For Mercedes Cars


There are multiple forms of car finance available, but for a customer, the most appealing deals tend to be those that do not require a deposit payment. It can sometimes lead to the overall cost being higher, but the pressure is taken off a little bit when a deposit is not a factor, and you’re able to get behind the wheel quicker as a result. Here at Check Car Finance, we have many cars available under no-deposit finance deals, and our Mercedes-Benz range boasts several strong options, as we have outlined here. Mercedes cars are not your ordinary car therefore, you should exercise restriction behind the power it packs as you don’t want to end up in a driver awareness course or with points. Belwo we have listed the very best mercedes we normally have in stock.

One example is the Mercedes E220 Bluetec SE. A 2015 model, it has less than 10,000 miles on the clock and amongst its feature set, it boasts alloy wheels, digital dashboard Bluetooth connection and a Sat Nav system, which will be particularly beneficial for those planning long-distance drives. Available with automatic transmission and operating under diesel power, this fine saloon vehicle is available in a sturdy grey colour, and it is available for an overall payment of £19,995 or a monthly, no-deposit plan of £328.26 per month.

Another option is the Mercedes B180 CDI Blue-Efficiency Sports car. This is a 2012 version and an experienced motor with a mileage thus far of over 56,000. It runs on manual transmission and a diesel engine and is available in a striking silver body colour. This MPV model also has alloy wheels and Bluetooth connection, and it comes with three months of free warranty which take effect after the beginning of any agreement. It’s quite a deal for anyone who is interested in a slightly older entry of the Blue-Efficiency Sport range and is available for £9,295 as an outright purchase or £217.60 per month on a no-deposit plan.

It’s not just about the cars that we have on offer right now, though, as there are other exciting Mercedes models that will soon be available, which includes classic iterations alongside new motors. One of these is the Mercedes C220 CDI Sport: a 2009 version of this long-running series, it has a lifetime mileage of over 75,000, and it runs on a diesel engine and automatic transmission. This saloon model will soon be in stock, and the no-deposit price will be a real bargain, in particular for first-time drivers who just want to get onto the road in a great, well-proven and popular car.

So, as you can see, these are just some of the many fine no-deposit Mercedes options that we provide, with more to come, and it’s clear that the lack of requirement for a deposit payment can open many doors towards you finding a Mercedes car that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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