29 June

Why We’re The UK’s Best Emerging Car Finance Company

Best Car Finance Company Check Car Finance Leighton Buzzard UK

Nowadays, there are so many factors to think about when you are considering buying a car, not least the finance plan that will allow you to pay for the vehicle over the long term. As such, it’s very important to go with a car finance company that you can trust, one which has your best interests in mind and one which demonstrates signs of vibrancy and progression. Well, we’re proud to tell you that Check Car Finance is the best emerging car finance company in the United Kingdom, and here we will explain why.

Firstly, we always put the customer first, and we go above and beyond to ensure the best possible finance deal for everybody. You let us know what car you are interested in, and we will do the rest with regards to identifying the best deal based on such factors as age and mileage, working out the most suitable payment plan (e.g. whether it will be more beneficial for you to pay a deposit in advance), and putting in place the procedures whereby you only need to complete a couple of forms and the car will be yours. We do all of the work; you simply need to choose your car, decide what payment terms are the fairest to your circumstances, and sign on the dotted line!

Next, we use a budget calculator to truly determine what will be the best finance plan for you. This focuses on what you are looking to pay, what you can afford to pay, your current employment salary, and other important factors, such as how much you are paying for your mortgage (if you have one). In addition, you will be able to provide details of your credit score; whether it is good or bad, and what extenuating circumstances may impact this. From here, our budget calculator will narrow down the possibilities and give you the best options based on all of the above. Just like you take your times choosing the best pet cat or dog or toys for your family so do we. This makes the research process so much easier, and it means that whatever finance plan you eventually agree to will be perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.


Finally, we aim to serve customers of all backgrounds and locations, as well as looking to help anybody regardless of their situations. For instance, if you do have a poor credit score, we can still help you to find a great vehicle and have you on the road in no time. What’s more, we include other additional benefits to make for an even better finance plan: we keep interest rates low, we look to prevent a deposit whenever possible, we don’t include arrangement fees, and there is no obligation quote involved. All of these are just some of the extra ways that we try to reduce costs and help our clients get the keys to their dream car, and this combined with the other points that we have outlined here are just some of the many reasons why Check Car Finance are the UK’s best emerging car finance company.


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