19 December

Why Buying A Car On Finance Is The Perfect Christmas Present


It is almost the time for giving with just days to go before Christmas Day arrives. Many of us will have a special person in our lives for whom we have still not picked up a present. It might be a son or daughter, a father or mother. No matter who it is, there is one particular present that will give them a Christmas morning they will never forget: a car. Of course, cars are not the most common Christmas gift. However, one could make a very strong case for why they should be on your shopping list this year as Christmas Day comes ever closer.

Shoppers may think that the idea of buying someone a car for Christmas is ludicrous because they are too expensive. However, vehicles are no more costly than most other luxury gifts—especially at this time of year. Most dealers and manufacturers will have annual sales targets. If they have not met them by the end of the year (which is very likely considering car sales have dropped significantly in 2017) they will offer a lot of incentives to drivers. It means you can potentially make enormous savings by purchasing a car at this time of the year.

Of course, these savings are enhanced if you buy a vehicle with car finance. By purchasing on finance, you do not have to throw hundreds or thousands of pounds at your Christmas present this winter; you can pay for it over a number of months. In the meantime, your loved one can drive around in exactly the same way they would if the car were bought out-right. To acquire a vehicle on finance, all you need is a healthy credit history.

Isn’t it too late to buy a car for Christmas? Not at all. There is plenty of time left as long as you do not delay. Car finance applications can take as little as a few hours to approve. Once they have been processed, you will be able to shop for the ideal vehicle. All that remains is to go through the necessary car buying procedures and then it is yours to own. It is possible to begin an application the week before Christmas and have it on your drive by Christmas morning.

They are not exactly small enough to fit in a stocking, nor are they something you could wrap for under the tree. However, cars can be bought quickly and affordably on finance. It could allow you to give a friend, family member or partner a Christmas present they will never forget.

Check Car Finance has a variety of low cost Christmas car finance deals available for drivers to better manage their finances and save money this festive Christmas season. Apply online today or call us on 01525 305016