10 May

Best Cars For First-Time Buyers

For a first-time buyer, it is easy to jump right in and buy the flashiest, most feature-packed vehicle available, but what if it proves to be overly expensive, not least because of the increased insurance cost? On the other hand, you don’t want to just get in any car; you want a model that is first and foremost functional, as well as being a respectable vehicle from a visual standpoint, as opposed to feeling and looking cheap. It’s a nice position to be in, but it’s still a challenge to find the right vehicle to properly begin your driving experience, so we have outlined some models here.

Chief amongst these options is the Skoda Citigo Hatchback. A 2012 model which seats up to four people, it is a compact car with the feel and quality of a larger vehicle. But it’s the 2017 revamp of the car which may be the one to look out for if you’re a first-time car buyer: it has a sleeker style, redesigned bumpers, a grille that is more striking and intimidating on the road, and improved headlights that more effectively integrate LED daytime running lights, which all make for a great update on an already-fine motor. Add to that some colourful choices for the bodywork and an affordable price, and this is a superb car for someone making their first purchase.

Next up, we have the Ford Fiesta Hatchback. The Fiesta is a long-running and extremely popular series for one of the more recognisable car manufacturers in the United Kingdom, and as a result, you could really pick out any of the recent Fiesta designs and be onto a winner. The Hatchback version stands out, though, because it subtly provides increased passenger space for all involved due to the car size itself being longer, which goes some way towards making for a more comfortable driving experience, especially for larger families. Vertical fog-lights, 18-inch alloy wheels and a new high-quality dashboard made from tactile add to the improvements, and as a result, the Hatchback redesign is the Fiesta that we most recommend when you’re looking to buy your first car. Fiesta leads the way for most first time buyers under the age of 25 as its stylish and very adaptable.

Finally, we’ll look at another hatchback model, that being the Volkswagen Polo Hatchback. As with the Ford Fiesta, the Volkswagen Polo is a very recognisable series, and one of Volkswagen’s most popular ranges. What makes this Hatchback revamp more enticing is the boot being around 25% larger than in the usual Polo model, as well as a digital dashboard known as the Active Info Display, an optional feature which has never been used in a supermini model prior to this hatchback vehicle. It also boasts adaptive cruise control, which helps for longer drives, as well as a unique self-parking system and a panoramic sunroof, which is particularly beneficial for driving in the warmer climates. It provides a nice contrast and a strong alternative to the Ford Fiesta Hatchback, and again it’s a fine, affordable option.

So, these are just some of the many great models that we would suggest most strongly for a first-time buyer, but there is a huge range that you can choose from for which we provide first-class finance plans which usually involve no deposit car finance and low rates.

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