4 January

Car Buying Tips To Make Winter Driving Easier

Winter driving car buying on finance - check car finance

This winter has already brought about a flurry of bad weather including frost, snow and torrential rain. Conditions are only expected to worsen throughout the end of December and beginning of January too. These conditions often make it unsafe to drive. Nevertheless, most of us rely on our vehicles in order to get to work, visit friends and run errands for our families. Particularly around Christmas—the busiest period of the year for shopping—being able to get around by car is essential.

When you purchase a car on finance, there is no shortage of options for choosing your vehicle. From brand new top of the range sports cars to affordable second-hand vehicles, a company like Check Car Finance has plenty of variety on offer to drivers. If winter driving is a concern, you should prioritise cars with built-in features that make them ideal for getting around in treacherous weather. But what exactly should you be keeping your eyes pealed for?

Four-wheel drive is an essential function for any vehicle you wish to drive over rough terrains or construction sites . It gives a car much better control when traveling over ice, snow and leaf-littered roads. Most modern vehicles have this feature, therefore there are many vehicles with four-wheel steering that can be purchased on car finance.

However, drivers should not just focus on the steering itself. The suspension that a car offers can be almost as crucial when it comes to driving through wintery conditions. Vehicles with low suspension may encounter difficulties, for example, when navigating deep snow. On the other hand, those with a slightly raised suspension can give a driver more ground clearance, improved grip and an overall reassurance in its ability to handle unexpected weather.

When you buy a car on finance, you may also want to investigate the kind of tyres that a vehicle has. Large, thick tyres make a car much more comfortable to drive over slippery terrains covered in ice and snow. They provide drivers with improved grip and traction on these kinds of surfaces. Winter tires are also available to buy individually if you do not feel your current car has adequate ones. As well as keeping the exterior parts in tip-top shape, when buying you have to consider the interior especially if it involves kids or outdoor trips with pet considering behaviours like spraying. Having a leather interior helps during cleaning as you can easily use cleaning products like centrefeed rolls and hand and surface wipe to slow its depreciation for when you want to resell the car in the future.

Lastly, because winter driving is of such concern to customers in the United Kingdom, many cars now come with smart features that mitigate the risk of slips, slides or worse. The Land Rover Freelander, for example, has separate modes (e.g. snow, mud, ice) that a driver can select which make it more efficient for various terrains. Meanwhile, cars like the Suzuki Swift have great automation capabilities like autonomous braking features that can take over should you lose control on a slippery road.

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