5 December

The Advantages Of Longer, Low-Rate Car Finance Contracts

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Car finance contracts will vary in length depending on a myriad of factors including the vehicle’s model and price. Some of the contracts will be as short as three years long; others will be closer to ten. There are a range of advantages and disadvantages associated with both lengths of contract. High rate car finance deals paid back over a short period of time will have a variety of benefits that low-rate ones do not. Equally, low rate car finance deals paid back over a long period of time will have a range of other benefits that high-rate ones do not.

So what are the benefits of paying a smaller amount over a longer period of time? The main advantage is that it allows drivers to be more financially conservative. Because less money is being drawn from their account every month, they can better manage their overall spending. This makes low rate car finance an ideal solution for students, part-time workers and those who are currently in between employment.

However, an equally important benefit of low rate car finance is that it allows you to drive a better, more expensive car without having to endure the immediate cost of it. You do not have to endure the enormous lump sum to get behind the wheel of a luxury model or top-of-the-range brand. You can spread these payments out over many years. This allows you to drive a car that is more comfortable, smooth and stylish. Furthermore, it is a car you can invest in for life, unlike used vehicles that need replacing or restoring every couple of years.

Drivers should also remember that paying for a car is not just about the physical vehicle itself. There is also a wealth of other costs on top of that. This includes insurance and petrol. With older used models, these prices can be incredibly high. You don’t have to be a dedicated host genius to figure that. They will have a poor mileage to gallon ratio compared to more contemporary cars, whilst insurers will see them as a liability and slap drivers with higher premiums. Utilising low cost car finance to get a better make of car can help you avoid these costs. Your engine won’t consume as much petrol and your insurance costs may be far smaller.

Check Car Finance has a variety of low cost car finance deals available for drivers to better manage their finances and save money on maintenance, insurance and petrol.